2020 Holiday Collection - coming soon! Hey Beekeepers - Stay Tuned for Information about Package Bees. Coming Soon!!

2lb Package Bees


2lb Package of bees with mated queen. These packages are prepped in Wisconsin after they come back from the almond groves of California. That means the bees will be shipped at the right time for our region. The queens are open-mated Minnesota Hygienic stock, so their colonies will be a blend of Italian and Carniolan heritage.

Save $2/package on orders of 11 packages or more. 

NO SHIPPING - You will pick up your bees on the designated pickup date, which will be determined once we are closer to spring. We will communicate the pickup date via email, on our Facebook page, and here on our website.

If you want to pay by check, place your order by printing this form and mailing the form and payment to us.

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