2021 Spring Honey is here! Just what you've been waiting for - 2021 Spring Honey is here!

Festivals and Events

  • Swarms!

    A swarm of bees on a tree branch, captured by a beekeeper for transfer into a new home.

    Have you ever seen one of these? This is a honey bee swarm - a bunch of worker bees with their queen. Swarming is a reproductive strategy of honey bees that occurs every year around this time. The colony is growing and running out of room. They start raising a new queen so that the old queen and a bunch of worker bees can leave to find a new home. It's this groups of bees that are called a swarm.

    They will hang out somewhere suitable while scout bees seek out a new home. When they find a place they like, the entire mass of bees will leave for their new home. It might take a couple of hours, or a couple of days, but eventually they leave.

    Give us a call or email (info<at>thebeeshed.com) if you have one of these beauties in your yard. We'll do our best to give them a new home!

  • Events Are Back!

    Events Are Back!

    GREAT NEWS - We Are Back! We love to sell our seasonal honey at events and festivals in the region. It's our opportunity to share our passion for pollinators and beekeepers. And it's your opportunity to try our seasonal honey and taste the difference for yourself.

     And now, after a season away, we are once again able to share the amazing flavor of the Minnesota seasons. Check back regularly for an update on upcoming events.

    Rochester: Most (but not all) Saturdays, we are at the Rochester Farmers Market. Details are available here.

    Twin Cities: July 10/11 we will be at Saint Croix Vineyard for the Wine Meets Art Festival. Details here.