2021 Spring Honey is here! Just what you've been waiting for - 2021 Spring Honey is here!
  • The Bee Shed Difference

    The Bee Shed Difference

    Ever wonder why most honey tastes the same and looks the same, no matter where one gets it? It is because the "usual honey" is blended from sources across the country, melding the unique scents and flavors of local flora into a sweet but uniform product. The result is rather like a fast-food hamburger: predictable, momentarily pleasing, but neither memorable nor unique. 

    At The Bee Shed, we take a different approach. We know that every flowering species produces a honey with a unique flavor and scent, and that flowering plants bloom in distinct seasons. We work in harmony with the seasonal blooms by doing multiple harvests, each yielding honey with a Minnesota-unique flavor, scent and color.

    We believe our Spring, Mid-Summer, Wildflower and Autumn honey are distinctively different and memorable. We hope you'll agree.