2020 Holiday Collection - coming soon! 2lb Packages are sold out. We still have Single Deep Colonies for sale - check out "Bees for Sale" for details!
  • 2lb Packages - SOLD OUT

    WE ARE SOLD OUT OF 2LB PACKAGES FOR THE 2021 SEASON. Best wishes on the upcoming bee season!

    Pickup date, time and location: Generally, packages arrive the 3rd week of April, but the exact date depends on weather, traffic, and other factors we cannot control. All will be emailed to you, posted on our Facebook page and our website. 

    We do NOT ship package bees. You must pick them up in person.

    We do still have a few single deep colonies available - details available here.

    2lb Packages: These packages are prepped in Wisconsin after they come back from the almond groves of California. That means the bees will be shipped at the right time for our region. The queens are open-mated Minnesota Hygienic stock, so their colonies will be a blend of Italian and Carniolan heritage.

    Order Deadline: Sold Out.


    Guarantee and Conditions

    By placing your order with The Bee Shed, you agree to the following:

    • We cannot guarantee the health of your bees (including the queen) once you take delivery. We strongly suggest you confirm that the queen is alive before you leave with your bees.
    • We are not responsible for the health, productivity or honey production of your bees once you have picked them up.
    • We cannot guarantee when the bees will arrive. There are too many factors out of our control that may impact delivery date. We will inform you as soon as we have a firm pickup date.
    • We do not refund based on delayed delivery, only if we do not receive the packages at all.
    • This is livestock - anything can happen. There is always the possibility that our supplier will not be able to deliver bees. We will do our best to find other options if this happens, but we cannot guarantee we will be successful. You will be refunded should we not be able to get bees.